Advertising Space :AE001 

Advertising LED Signboard/Billboard location: 38 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong (Above about 110 meters above the sky at 38 Connaught Road West)

Ad ID : AE001 (Facing West Kowloon Cultural District)

Potential reach: 3,000,000 + person-times

Actual size of video screen: 12.5 x 6.8 m

Intentional monthly rent of HKD650,000 or above (remarks)

1. Standing on the other side of Victoria Harbour (about 110 meters above the sky at 38 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan)
2. From the West Kowloon Cultural District or the eastern part of Tsim Sha Tsui, you can see the night view of Victoria Harbour at close range/HD
3. Adjacent to the Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal and Westport City, the main terminal for multiple flights to and from Macau and Guangdong. In addition, the rooftop is adjacent to the helipad to and from Macau, which effectively attracts the attention and attention of domestic and foreign tourists and local citizens.

Note: Each route has a huge passenger flow, increasing brand exposure: The total number of passengers passing through the Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal to and from Macau and neighboring ports in Guangdong Province is 17.4 million. The Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal is the busiest port among all port control points. The terminal operates 24 hours a day, and about 273 passenger ships travel between Hong Kong and Macau or the mainland every day. In addition, about 33 helicopters provide services between Hong Kong and Macau every day.

Location: Located in the center of the core business district of Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, the most prominent location. Standing in the West Kowloon Cultural District or in Victoria Harbour (East Tsim Sha Tsui), you can enjoy the best interpretation of the LED video screen at the closest distance. The P10 full-color high-definition effect can effectively attract the attention of the other side of Victoria Harbour. This outdoor LED advertising space shows the most shocking effect and is an excellent location to shape the brand image. At the same time, the large outdoor LED advertising space also provides Hong Kong’s first and highly flexible pricing, with the minimum consumption starting from HK$10,000.

Remarks: Due to the expensive construction cost and huge cost of the LED advertising space, the construction cost of this LED advertising space (about HK$3,500,000) has been funded and constructed by the media proprietor, so the media renter does not need to invest any construction costs.

Note:24 hours online order and payment platform is only applicable at the moment to LED Panel (AE001) [Ad Code:AE001 (Facing West Kowloon Cultural District) #]
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#: AE001 has been approved and to participate in “A Symphony of Lights” (“SOL”) by Tourism Commission of Hong Kong,。 For details about SOL, please visit her official website at