Able Excellent Corporation Limited is an innovative smart media advertising company. It also provides B2B and B2C online ordering and management platforms. A one-stop online smart platform that integrates design, production and advertising. Anytime, anywhere, you only You can easily promote the company’s business, products, and convey important and thoughtful messages through a mobile phone. From then on, large-scale outdoor advertising is no longer the patent of large organizations.


Service object: companies and commercial organizations


Brand/Corporate Promotion


Companies and commercial organizations can use this LED display to advertise and promote their brands and products. Tricor encourages start-ups and will provide flexible and most cost-effective advertising solutions, tailor-made for both long and short term. Tricor Industries provides special support for start-ups and Hong Kong brands, and will provide the most cost-effective and special preferential solutions. For details, please inquire:

We provide 24-hour outdoor advertising services to help increase product exposure and sales. Combining our expertise and experience, we provide tailor-made promotional programs for companies of different sizes.