Q & A

We welcome merchants or individuals to order "anytime, anywhere" advertising packages.

The "Anytime, Feeling and Expressing" advertising package is based on 1 day, 1 am, 1 pm or 1 night. The confirmed broadcast time cannot be changed or cancelled(cancellation should be by a 2 days in advance notice and extra administration fees will be charged).

ABLE EXCELLENT will notify customers as soon as possible and provide suitable solutions, such as arranging compensation for playback at the best time.

Customers can order commercial packages ranging from 15 seconds to 300 seconds (up to 5 minutes), and the number of broadcasts will increase or decrease due to the length of the film.

Yes, please notify the customer service staff in advance to make arrangements.

The commercials produced by ABLE EXCELLENT can only be used on the ABLE EXCELLENT platform.

Yes, but because we need to meet the specifications of the LED screen, we need to switch charges separately.

It must comply with the requirements of Hong Kong laws and does not involve any political issues. ABLE EXCELLENT reserves the right to make the final decision.