Spring Festival/Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as “Spring Festival” or “Lunar New Year”, is the most solemn traditional festival in China.

It symbolizes unity and prosperity, and is a festival that places new hopes for the future.

The Spring Festival is the most important holiday for the Chinese, just as Christmas is for the Europeans and Americans.

According to records, the Chinese people have celebrated the Spring Festival for more than 4,000 years.

The Lunar New Year is also the longest and most celebrated festival in Chinese communities around the world.

The Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese culture. It has a long cultural history.

On this day, every family sending to each other the best New Year’s wishes and greetings.

People will have a group family dinner together, post Spring Festival couplets, post blessings, set off firecrackers… etc.,

there is a joyous and festive atmosphere everywhere…

In Hong Kong, in addition to the large-scale New Year fireworks display,

there are also float parades and various temple ceremonies… etc.

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